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Audio & Visual 

Our specialty is repairing and installing audio/visual systems for houses of worship, schools, and other high use facilities. We can design the installation to optimize performance as well as professionally install the products that will best suit the facility and your budget.

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Audio Visual Repair Large Screen Service Game Console Repair Pro video Camera Repair Pro Amplifier & Mixers Repair DJ Equipment Repair Digital Drums Kit Repair,

Professional Audio Repair Computer Repair Fog Machine Maintenance DVD,CD Player Services Remote Software Support Wireless Internet / DLNA

DBZ Electronics Repair Service & Installation DBZ-Electronics provide specialist & professional electronic repair services for a wide range of electronic equipment from all the original equipment suppliers in use today.

Hi-Fi Repair Radio Repair Services DJ Equipment Repair Amplifier Repair Docking Station Repair Effects/Equalizers/Compressors LED,LCD,PLASMA TV Repair Game Consoles Repair Remote Control Repair Smoke Machine Digital Drums Vintage Radios/Vacuum Tube Radios Camera Repair Camcorder Repair Turntable Repair Mixing Consoles/Boards/Desks Active Speakers Professional Audio/Music Equipment

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We are your one-stop shop for all your technology needs, and your up-to-date tech news. With guaranteed low prices and daily support available, you can be assured that you will be making the best purchase decision.