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Even Drumkits? Yes, we do it all at DBZ electronics, we can identify faulty triggers, pads and cabling on drumkits. Ensuring if any parts need replacing it’s with high-quality parts.

We will always have the right tools for the job, drumkits are no exception.  We don’t use any cheap parts here either so the only time they’ll set on fire is when you’re playing a fire song. 

From your perspective as our customer, it’s a simple process, once you’ve handed over your faulty drumkit, in a couple of days you receive it working like brand new. We’ve dealt with all the headaches and complicity of repairs, and you enjoy your repaired drumkits.


We don’t like to cut corners or give fake estimate when it comes to drumkits either we are transparent about what we think needs replacing or fixing and always give straightforward quotes and repairs no funny business.


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We are your one-stop shop for all your technology needs, and your up-to-date tech news. With guaranteed low prices and daily support available, you can be assured that you will be making the best purchase decision.