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All about that bass


Audio Distortion?

Blown Speakers?


 Fall damage? 


Humming or Popping sounds?

 Even if your problem doesn’t fall under the list above we can identify the issue for you and let you know if your device is salvageable, give you a quote and get to work! 


As you can see we take our time when testing what the issue could be we don’t like to give fake diagnostics or make an issue worse, so we ensure that we can give you accurate prognostics.


We’ll never use cheap or tampered parts when your speaker needs a part replacing. We always use the highest quality parts available so that in the long term your device remains functional and you save money.    


 Why Choose Us

We are your one-stop shop for all your technology needs, and your up-to-date tech news. With guaranteed low prices and daily support available, you can be assured that you will be making the best purchase decision.