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We have carried out Deck Repairs for over many years now. We have extensive experience & knowledge in fixing all types of Decks. Our Service department can normally diagnose your Deck problem within 24 hours of it arriving at our Repair department & once we have diagnosed the problem we will then give you an exact cost for your repair.


We’re meticulous when testing your decks, these pictures will give a brief insight into our process and the stages we go through to bring your device from broken to fixed.

You can always expect your deck to be given back in perfect working condition, we’ll never do a half-hearted job, leaving you with a partially functional device, we’ll be transparent about what we can do and what you’ll receive. 


 Why Choose Us

We are your one-stop shop for all your technology needs, and your up-to-date tech news. With guaranteed low prices and daily support available, you can be assured that you will be making the best purchase decision.